sports awards 2014
sports awards 2014

The Luton Sports Network


"Luton Sports Network was launched in July 2007. The group can be traced

back to the Luton Sports Council that existed for many years in Luton

prior to that. In whatever form it has done excellent work on behalf of

the voluntary sports clubs and continues to serve them today. In 2014,

the Luton Sports Network became part of Active Luton but retains its

role as the independent role as the voice and advocate for voluntary

sport in the town. Its new board brings together key partners and

stakeholders from health, education and the community that share a

common desire to improve the provision of sport in the borough to

deliver Luton Sports Network's Action Plan. "


The purpose of the Luton Sports Network is:

  • To promote awareness of local sports clubs
  • To promote events relating to local sports
  • To support sports clubs, athletes and coaches through grant funding
  • To hold an annual awards evening for Luton Sports people

By working with local partners affiliated to the Luton Sports Network our role in the community is:

  • To increase awareness and participation in local sport and active recreation
  • Improve health and well being
  • To help create stronger communities through sport and active recreation
  • Improve education through participation


Support Us

We are a non-profit organisation and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to support us, become a volunteer or are a local sports club and want to get involved.  Please email 

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